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About Xtreme Crime Solution
ABOUT XTREME CRIME SOLUTION Xtreme   Crime   Solution   operates   in   Johannesburg   with   a reputation   for   professionalism,   devotion   to   duty   and   a commitment   to   our   industry.   Xtreme   Crime   Solution   has, and   always   be   committed   to   the   concept   of   multi-racial attitude and non-sectarian attitude and views.   HISTORY Xtreme    Crime    Solution    was    started    with    a    group    of security   consultants.   These   consultants   helped   create and   build   some   of   the   biggest   security   companies   in South Africa.   In   addition   the   consultants   also   assisted   in creating   some   of   the   comprehensive   security   structures for    large    corporations    and    fortune    few    companies around. In   the   beginning   of   the   company   we   felt   that   not   only were   we   able   to   start   our   own   security   company   hut   we would   be   able   to   give   the   best   and   strong   service   in   the industry   as   we   became   accustomed   to   solving   problems and   improving   performance   in   the   security   industry. As   a result    Xtreme    Crime    Solution    was    formed.    We    have never   looked   back.   We   boast   a   staff   compliment   of   1O2. Xtreme    Crime    Solution    runs    its    sites    with    unique managing   skills   that   leave   our   clients   feeling   satisfied and   secure,   This   is   due   to   consult   and   as   a   result   we are    able    to    created    procedure    that    is    unique    to    the industry. MANAGEMENT The    business    is    driven    by    a    working    director    and managers.     They      are      involved      in      the      business development,    procurement,    project    management    and administration of the company. The   management   team   proactively   gathers   feedback, identifies    changes    in    business    environment,    reviews work   processes   and   communicates   key   learning   points and company policy to all staff at regular meetings.
Ricky Misholas Executive and Managing Director Cell: +27 (0) 73 467 4536 Email: rickymish@xcsolution.co.za