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Privacy  Statement: We   recognise   the   importance   of   privacy   protection.   Our   policy   for   dealing   with   any personal    information    that    you    might    disclose    to    us    while    visiting    this    website    is explained below. The   type   of   personal   information   that   we   collect   from   you   will   depend   on   how   you   use our   website.   You   can   be   certain   that   the   information   we   receive   about   you   will   be treated as strictly confidential. The personal information that we collect on you when you use our public site We   do   not   collect   or   use   any   personal   information   on   visitors   to   our   website,   through the use of "cookies" or other software or hardware techniques. We   look   at   the   number   of   hits   the   site   receives   and   keep   track   of   the   domains   from which this site is accessed. The   names   of   persons   who   request   information   from   or   about   Xtreme   Crime   Solution by   emailing   us   are   added   to   our   database   as   clients.   Persons   who   do   not   wish   to receive   communications   from   us   should   notify   us   by   email   and   their   names   will   be deleted from our client list. The   personal   information   Xtreme   Crime   Solution   collects   when   you   log   onto   this   site, how we do it and what we do with it If   you   log   onto   the   website   and   read   or   download   information   our   Internet   Service Provider/Hosting   Provider,   will   record   your   server   address,   domain   name,   the   date   and time   of   your   visit   to   our   site,   the   pages   viewed   and   the   information   downloaded.   This information is used for statistical and web site development purposes only. The    information    collected    will    be    used    to    send    you    Emails    to    inform    you    of    any forthcoming event or topic that might be of interest to you. The circumstances under which we disclose information about you It   is   our   policy   not   to   sell   or   pass   on   any   personal   information   that   you   may   have provided   to   us   unless   we   have   your   express   consent   to   do   so.   An   exception   to   this   is where Xtreme Crime Solution may be required by law to disclose certain information. How we handle emails We   will   preserve   the   contents   of   any   e-mail   message   that   you   send   us   if   we   believe that   we   have   a   legal   requirement   to   do   so.   Emails   sent   to   or   from   know-how   are routinely   monitored   for   quality   control,   systems   administration   and   legal   compliance purposes. What to do if you believe the information we hold about you is inaccurate If   you   believe   that   any   information   that   we   hold   about   you   is   inaccurate   or   out   of   date, please contact us and we will review the relevant information. How to contact us if you wish to discuss this policy If you wish to discuss any aspect of this policy please contac t us Disclaimer: Commentary   and   other   materials   posted   on   our   Website,   including   all   information   about Xtreme   Crime   Solution,   are   not   intended   to   amount   to   advice   on   which   reliance   should be   placed   and   all   such   material   is   provided   for   information   purposes   only.   We   therefore disclaim    all    liability    and    responsibility    arising    from    any    reliance    placed    on    such materials   by   any   visitor   to   our   Website,   or   by   anyone   who   may   be   informed   of   any   of   its contents.